Work With LHS

At Life Health Services we are care driven and strive to provide exceptional services and support, with a focus on people living with disabilities. The care and support we provide is personally tailored to suit individual needs and ultimately enhance lives.

When we say we’re passionate and specialists in how we deliver care, we say it because its integral to who we are. We are looking for people who align with our vision to make a difference and improve lives.

Your future starts NOW

We believe in implementing our core values not only in relation to our clients, but also our employees. As a company we respect and recognise your rights and needs as valued employees. We promote independence and initiative amongst employees. Wholeheartedly, we celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and upholding ethics.
We understand the importance of a balanced life. We want to work with you to figure out, what’s the best schedule and job position is, that suits your life. We truly care about your needs, lifestyle and passions.

We want you to stay active and happy in your life so that you thrive in the workplace.
We want you to be your best, so that you can do your best.
We provide thorough and beneficial training and induction programs that will leave you confident in your role and ready to tackle anything.
If you don’t feel fully equipped, we will work with you to ensure we meet your requirements and uphold our standards.
Quote from CEO

“As you embark on this journey with LHS as a valued employee, we want you to keep your values and our values at heart – because values, principles and discipline are the pathway to excellence. Our core values include respecting and the recognition of all regardless of disability, promotion of independence among people with a disability, celebration of diversity and inclusiveness and conducting ourselves ethically at all times.

And remember our vision is your vision – we will be the most supportive provider for people with a disability as we promote their wellness and independence.”
Quote from CEO